Reasons to Buy...


Owning your own home is part of the American dream. Our tax laws encourage home ownership. For most buyers a home purchase will be the best investment they ever made. The pride of ownership often defines us to our neighbors and friends.

We will do our best to help you achieve your goal of owning your dream home.


Much is written on the subject of owning residential rentals in books, the internet and even in IRS publications. But as you can see from the rentals pages, someone is obviously making money by investing in rentals. Just how easy is it? Pretty easy! State and Federal tax laws encourage investors to purchase and offer housing to those yet unable to afford buying for themselves.

These incentives are offered in the form of reduced income taxes to the owner by giving the owner tax deductions, tax credits and depreciation write-offs. Yes, tax loop holes! And they are responsible for our country’s relatively cheap rents and large inventory of available choices.

For detailed description of these benefits, a real estate attorney or CPA should be consulted; but our broker would be glad to explain the basics in a short sit down session. Please feel free to ask.